Thursday, 01. October 2020
Schleswig Schlei electric, autonomous boats with fuel cells hydrogen

One of the greatest challenges of our time is climate change, says Lars Holger Engelhard. "The facts are clear. We have to act now, so we not to lose everything." The couple wanted to contribute their skills, for example to develop a hydrogen ferry that connects Schleswig with the opposite side of the Schlei - a need confirmed by many inquiries.

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Saturday, 22. August 2020
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Earth Overshoot Day!

The pandemic year rolling on, it is time to consider fast forward thinking instead of back to normal.

Since 2015, more than 35% of our clients engage in esg investing building green future - steadily rising! Performing strong and resilient during #coronacrisis, we notice green tech evolving into green innovation.

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Saturday, 01. August 2020
Hydrogen, fuel cells electrical autonomous small ferries ferry

You are originally from Bavaria, are internationally active in business - and have chosen Schleswig and the Schleiregion for what is perhaps the most ambitious project: Lars Holger Engelhard and his wife Stefanie want to use hydrogen technology to build sustainable ferries. Their project "Schleiboats" has developed such a dynamic within a very short time. A 15 million euro business plan has raised out of the concept.

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